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Any North Vancouver people out their

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The quiet, soft-spoken city embodies the outdoor lifestyle that Vancouverites love to brag about.

But as beautiful as the top of Quarry Rock can be, or as satisfying the trek up the Any North Vancouver people out their Grind is — there are a Noeth constant struggles that all inhabitants of North Vancouver can relate to. Going to any bar or club downtown or multiple is definitely a staple weekend plan for any Vancouverite.

Too bad you always seem to miss the Sea Bus by 20 seconds, you swear you got the timing down. How much is the taxi ride back to North Van if you split it two ways?

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We do boast Two Lions on Thursdays, but the lines can get ridiculous. It's hard to believe how crowded the bar can get for a weekday night.

Tattood And Geeky

So you've already seen "Beauty and the Beast" once - or multiple times really. I guess you could always binge watch more Netflix….

Any North Vancouver people out their

Deep Cove is a nightmare to park in. Is Capilano Mall still a thing?

Raglan's Bistro does boast amazing poutine. But let's be honest - there is a such thing as too much poutine. Did Sushi Town raise their prices - again?!

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I heard a Mr. Sushi on Lower Lonsdale just opened Is it the horrendous traffic; or the hordes of high school students?

There's always one or the other. First it was Upper Lonsdale, then Edgemont, and there's always something on the lower levels.

Any North Vancouver people out their Wants Cock

theor And what are they even building at Lonsdale Quay? Where else can I lie about my birthday, get free ice cream, and enjoy bottomless fries?

Sure it's no Cactus Club, but it was reliable and a solid fringe choice.